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Art of Bali first started out in 2007 as an importer of paintings. Paintings proved to be a tough sell during the recession years that followed so we just worked with other things we and a affection for. Being a carpenter by hobby a huge admiration for the carvers in Bali and the beautiful work they produced and did, and still do see it as one of the best kept secrets in art.

We have a long and positive history with eBay and Amazon and have enjoyed many years working with them while growing our business. In mid 2014 after several years of it being on the top of out "things to do" list we finally decided it was time to direct our efforts to growing our own website and hopefully stepping away from eBay and Amazon all together. Even though we have mostly enjoyed our time working with both of them having a third party involved has gotten to the point we have constantly have had to raise prices to account for one thing or another due to policy that we felt really didn't apply to our business.

Through the years we have become possibly the best known seller of custom Zen Gardens. We have sold packages to business local and abroad, our Zen Gardens are used in schools and one of our custom Zen Gardens is even on display in a Museum. At this time there isn't a area of the world that doesn’t have at least one custom Art of Bali Zen Garden.

Our zen garden rakes remain or best sellers and we are extremely happy that due to launching our website it gives us an avenue to sell these items vastly cheaper than we could on eBay and Amazon. Over the past few years not only have we sold large amounts of rakes and sand on eBay and Amazon an now many of the other sellers selling rakes are actually selling our rakes. Given that we are hopeful our website offers not only the individual but also resellers a more affordable way to get the supplies.

We plan to remain to be a customer friendly business and anyone can feel free to ask about custom Zen Gardens.

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