Shipping Policies

Due to the difficulty in setting up all the variables with shipping at this time our software is only able to show the total shipping amount of an order and does not give a line by line breakdown. We will be looking to fix this in the future but for now using the information below might help you if you are interested.

Our goal with shipping always will be to give the customer the most accurate pricing on shipping and handling as possible. Unfortunately it's very difficult to perform a online retail web page with built in settings that will cover all products, combining, and ease of use. Given our best sellers are sand that is heavy and compact and rakes that are light and fragile it leaves us with a difficult challenge.


Our Shipping revolves around a handful of things, it helps to know these things to get the best value for your dollar

US Shipments:

(A) Look for the best deals! We have combined things like rake packs, sand and rake kits, etc... In doing so we built in some great savings! We have tried to build in lower than normal shipping prices on our small products to avoid needing to "Combine" all orders, we will make exceptions for orders over $100.00 if need be, contact us. On smaller orders please just use the settings.

(B) Different products may be boxed together. One product may be in several boxes. We try to be efficient but also have to be careful with packing certain items that do not ship well together, such as sand and anything fragile.

(C) Standard shipping of packages 13 ounces and under is done USPS first class mail. Our "Standard" box can hold about 10 Rakes and 3 small statues, therefore we give exceptional discounts on them.

(D) Sand is always shipped in a flat rate box in order to minimize costs. The increments are up to 4 lbs in a small flat rate box, 20 lbs in a medium flat rate box, and 40 in a large flat rate box. When ordering you get a better value ordering a full box, 4, 20, or 40 lbs, ordering, for example 1 lb of sand would cost the same in shipping as 4 lbs, and 5 lbs would cost the same as 20 lbs. So order wise.

(E) Due to the weight of the sand zen gardens also ship in a flat rate box. It is nice to know though that we can fit two standard or medium size zen gardens in on flat rate box, therefore our shipping setting would charge the same for 1 or 2 medium zen gardens, so again make use of that when ordering.

(F) We might have slight handling charges built in due to a few factors, 1st is price of materials, 2nd we either purchase insurance if it is an item of high cost and limited stock, or we self insure many items. 3rd, High risk fragile items take extra care and materials so items like masks and certain statues could have higher handling fees built in.


Canadian Shipping:

Currently we only ship based on weight. We have made certain settings work so our Canadian customers still get some great discounts but haven't been able to set up as many methods as we have in the US. In the future we will be working on it, however.


Other Countries:

We do ship worldwide but haven’t set up other countries options yet. Please contact us if interested.

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